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Dr.DOC: Document Archiving at its best

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Dr.DOC document archiving is the technical network, which connects your documents with the existing information structure of your company and the people, who work with it. The unique Dr.DOC technology handles and connects al linformation and documents automatically. Dr.DOC supports the central processes in administration, synchronises workflows and provides you with a perfect information network. With the web client of Dr.DOC all information can be accessed via Internet. That way a complete access to all company informations without loss of security is guaranteed. Never before worldwide team work with multiple work flows was simplier or more efficient.

Dr.DOC handles all types of documents: paper, emails, all digital types of docs, customer and product informations, all types of documents generated by ERPs. All data is stored by Dr.DOC in a binary vault and can therefore be filed on standard harddrives. Document archiving from Dr.DOC fulfilles all requirements of a revison safe storage.