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Increase safety,
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Document Management

Online + web + cloud document management
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Connecting Information

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Increase safety,
reduce costs


Mail- / Invoiceprocessing

All company data at your fingertips

Email Archive

Nothing gets lost anymore

The storage requirement of your Mail-Server is increasing day by day? You have more versions of an email, but you can´t identify the original one? Dr.DOC solves these problems by storing all your emails safely in the Dr.DOC binary vault. There is an automatic version control >>

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

All info at your fingertips

Dr.DOC is the perfect platform for effective Customer Relationship Management in order to provide superior services to your customers and to gain very high levels of customer satisfaction. Dr.DOC CRM is focussing on supporting your sales >>

Search technology

Find instead of searching for

Users will find every information easily not having to know by whom the information has been generated and where it has been filed. Dr.DOC enables fast and easy access to every information >>


It makes the difference

Dr.DOC is a flexible and process-oriented technology platform for management of all kind of information! >>

ERP Connection

Compatible with your enterprise software

Dr.DOC offers efficient interfaces to your enterprise software, especially ERP, e-mail systems and MFC devices. Dr.DOC guarantees the safe capture and recognition and the revisionsafe storage according to all government regulations and laws. >>

Incoming mail processing

Make it faster, safer and cheaper

By means of processing all incoming mail with Dr.DOC it is automatically archived revision-proof in the Dr.DOC binary vault.  >>

Front Office

Every task ready to hand

For every user the front office component of Dr.DOC can provide his individual, task-related work space.  >>


Always up to date

The Dr.DOC messaging engine (push/pull) advises every user in charge of upcoming steps to be taken. At the same time every user involved is able to view and check the processing status >>