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News March 2017


Dr.Doc 22.0 announced in the run-up to CeBIT 2017

Dr.DOC 22.0 announced in the run-up to CeBIT 2017

Dr.DOC presents the new version 22.0 under the slogan "Connecting Information".
Dr.DOC 22.0, the integrative complete solution for document management and workflow, offers many new functionalities. These are the highlights:

  • Dr.DOC® 22.0 with Compact View based on responsive design
    • Dynamic adjustment of the viewing mode for the entries in response to the width of the selection list: At a width sufficiently large the data records are viewed as single lines entries whereas with decreasing width the data records are automatically viewed as compact entries comprising several lines. The benefits of the Compact View:
    • Even more space available for displaying the document by the possibility of viewing the entries in a narrow selection list
    • Even better support of touchscreen devices by means of the appropriate shaping of the entries in the compact view
  • Dr.DOC® 22.0 Web with extended and optimized functionality
    • Quick access to documents and workflows through start page with support of the tile configuration of the Dr.DOC Client Desktop
    • Even better usability by support of the layout of the Dr.DOC Client forms