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News February 2016

February 2016

New Version Dr.Doc 21.0 announced in the run-up to CeBIT 2016

Dr.DOC presents the new version 21.0 under the slogan "Connecting Information"

Dr.Doc 21.0, the integrative complete solution for document management and workflow, offers many new functionalities. These are the highlights:

  • Integrated fast search window:
  • fast search window always accessable from the main Dr.DOC program window
  • Complete search features of Dr.DOC available
  • even faster and more intuitive usability: You can directly search via the fast search window without any diaolog
    • Support of Windows 10
    • Support of Office 2016
    • Support of Outlook 2016
  • Drag and drop email archiving, simple and available at your fingertips
  • Add-In for interactive and automatic eamil archiving