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News January 2011


Dr. DOC 16.0 in the run-up to CeBIT 2011

The new Version Dr.Doc® 16.0 is presented in the run-up to CeBIT 2011. Dr.Doc® 16.0, the All-In-One system for Document-Management and Workflow is featuring numerous new functionalities, in particular the following highlights:

- Dr.DOC® 16.0 InfoTree

  • Fast access right to connected data and documents
  • Intuitive navigation by means of tree view representation
  • Connecting Information: Get a fast overview by means of the preview mode or review documents by means of the detailed view mode!

- Dr.DOC 16.0 with optimized OCR-Module

  • Providing very high recognition rates and significant increase in performance of up to 20 %.

- Dr.DOC® 16.0 Web-Access providing extended functionality

  • Extended lay-out options
  • Start of new workflows