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The binary vault of Dr.DOC

In an archiving software you handle sensible data and documents, which have to be stored absolutely unchangable, safe and access controlled. A document management system is absolutely not allowed to offer a way of manipulation, no data is to be changed without permission and all changes must be tracked. Therefore with Dr.DOC all data are stored in the unique Dr.DOC binary vault right from the beginning.

Finally not every user, but only the authorized persons are allowed to see sensible information. Therefore a watertight and at the same time flexible right management is an absolute must-have. Therefore Dr.DOC does not use the right management of the operating system, but controls and manages all users by itself. This way security can be increased essentially and rights can be differentiated in a better way. Even the hardware server administrator does not have any  acess rights to the binary vault.

The Dr.DOC binary vault is that safe that you can store your entire data revision safe on normal hard drives, you don´t need any special hardware equipment.

Some of the biggest European institutions are using the Dr.DOC binary vault: government archives, the German Parliament, car companies, pharmaceutical companies and contractors of the military, which are forced to handle documents under highest security. Companies which need the highest security level decide in favor of Dr.DOC binary vault.

Dr.DOC supports encrypted transmission of data and documents on the basis of AES (Advanced encryption standard). Dr.DOC uses key lengths of 256 Bit, which is double the length of standard SSH.

Dr.DOC offers a sophisticated security management, which is fulfilling all GMP-relevant tasks and is even FDA-compliant and compliant with legal requirements like HGB §239 and § 257, ZPO, AO §146 and §147, GoBS and GDPdU. Dr.DOC can be used for all legal tasks.