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Dr.DOC document management meets highest security standards to protect the entire knowledge and information of a company for all levels of confidentiality. The four level security architecture of Dr.DOC comprises the following security components:
Binary vault
Integrated permission management system
Life-cycle management

1. Binary vault

Every information is stored binary within the binary vault of Dr.DOC instead of saving it to single files in the file system. Thus even the administrator of the file server system will under no circumstances have unauthorised access to information. For this reason Dr.DOC is able to store information revision-proof on standard hard disk drives without need for costly ROM storage media systems.

2. Integrated permission management system

Dr.DOC tightly controls user permissions by means of the integrated permission management system instead of relying upon the limited capabilities of the user management of the operating system. Thus security of information can be enhanced significantly and permissions can be differentiated to a greater extent to meet the requirements of secure information management.

3. Life-cycle management

In addition to secure information management Dr.DOC provides further enhancement of security by means of the integrated Life-cycle management. Thus every change applied to documents and information during the entire live-cycle is automatically recorded and can be retraced at any time, even after many years.

4. Encryption

For encrypted transfer of data and documents Dr.DOC supports state of the art encryption based on AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). Dr.DOC is applying the SSH-compliant AES technology with a key size of 256 bit (thus Dr.DOC encrypts at a significant higher strength than specified by SSH, which forces a key size of 128 bit).