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Increase safety,
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Connecting Information

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Increase safety,
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Advantage through Technology

The unique Dr.DOC document archiving technology handles and connects all kinds of information and documents automatically: Dr.DOC is a unique all-in-one system for archiving, document management and workflow >>

Security at all levels

The binary vault of Dr.DOC

In an archiving software you handle sensible data and documents, which have to be stored absolutely unchangable, safe and access controlled. A document management system is absolutely not allowed to offer a way of manipulation, no data is to be changed without permission and all changes must be tracked. Therefore with Dr.DOC all data are stored in the unique Dr.DOC binary vault right from the beginning. >>

Quality Management

Highest security standards

Dr.DOC document management meets highest security standards to protect the entire knowledge and information of a company for all levels of confidentiality. The four level security architecture of Dr.DOC comprises the following security components >>

Dr.DOC Calendar

Why remember any dates?

In contrast to other calendars the Dr.DOC-Calendar is automatically connecting your appointments with additional information, e.g. with related documents and projects. You get all kinds of your information at a mouse click, no matter where you are. No additional search required >>


Secure document processing

Flexibility, performance, and capacity for action are essential components to achieve success and satisfaction of your customers. Dr.DOC is supporting your central management processes by synchronizing tasks and by providing a perfect information network at your fingertips. >>

Connecting Information

Find, don´t search

The unique Dr.DOC technology handles and connects all informations and documents automatically: Find, don´t search. Dr.DOC is an outstanding all-in-one system for archiving, document management, and workflow. >>

Online Document Management

mobile access to all your information

"Fast, now and everywhere" is the slogan of Dr.DOC web document management. With the web client of Dr.DOC all informaton stored in Dr.DOC can be accessed via browser over the internet. In this cloud and web document management the same access control >>